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Book Review - Dark Space, by Lisa Henry

Dark Space - Lisa Henry

What a ride. What. A. Ride.

(No spoilers here, I promise).


Up until the very end I had literally No Idea where this story would go. It took me through happiness, despair, darkness, love, friendship, and sadness. Often within the same paragraph.


Amazing writing skills. Foreboding dread, and heartfelt heaviness. Then suddenly, positive emotions shoot off the charts, feelings just level me.


By god, this author can write. I am in the scene, not reading it; I'm on the floor, writhing with Brady, twisting in pain... no... in pleasure... oh hell, I don't even know which, anymore. The interesting thing is it never got angsty-boring, nor did it ever fall into sugary-sweet. It kept me on the edge of my seat, swinging wildly from happy to devastated in milliseconds.


Nowhere in this story, not in any single paragraph, did I manage to foresee where the author would take it next. Just amazing. I never had the time to properly shit my pants from the scary stuff, when it suddenly went all cute and loving again. To turn to Oh Help me in a heartbeat, again. My head was in a spin, and I'm not sure it's stopped spinning yet.


The cover? Oh, don't get me started on the Cover! Perfection. Not only is the young man in the picture wearing the exact face of Brady, it is dark and fabulous and so different from the usual m/m crap that floats around the publishing world.


Thank you, both author and publisher, for doing right by this story and giving it the cover it deserves. Beautiful.


And of course, there was some awesome smut in there too. Funnily enough, that just feels like a bonus.


Yeah, Ms Henry. You blew my mind. Again.

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