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Book Review - Capture & Surrender, by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov

Capture & Surrender - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov

Okay. I cried.

And laughed.

Then, I admit, I cried some more.


This was a beautiful book, so full of soul and heart. And hotness. I totally fell into this one, not knowing that it was #5 in a series. Yeah, too many books on my iPad, you just don't see the numbers there. Just the pretty cover. See, that is SO important for me, that the cover speaks to me. This one really did.


Then it continued speaking to me, in 3rd-limited-Frank-POV, and it was AWESOME to be in his mind. What a man. What a man.


What I simply can't get my head around is the writing, where did one author take over from the other? Because the text flows like a river, uninterrupted, flawless. I had to go back and check, yes, there are two authors here. Amazing, simply amazing. I already knew Mr Voinov, but L.A. Witt is for me a new discovery. In all the good ways.


Not only is this story a statement in a world of unforgiving jackasses, it is also a hymn to love, to opening up, to giving in, to actually accepting love in your life. It is simply beautiful. Fear, love, friendship, illness, life and death.


What I really appreciated was the slow building of backstory, no info-dumping at all, just little by little did I get to see what had been. It was really an unveiling of sorts. Very well done.


Now, to all the things that impressed me, I must also add the hotness and smoking erotic scenes, and I admit it is going to be difficult to match this book. I was happy to see less bdsm and more loving, it's getting so very In the Scene everywhere, these days. Here, there was very little of that, and what was there made perfect sense. It fit into the story. Tender hotness, all mixed into one.


Lastly, I love that the one, female character present, Emily, is a good and sane one. So hard to find one of those, these days. Thank you, authors, for that, too. Thank you for this whole book. It is beautiful.

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