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I am vociferously passionate about good books. And I hate adverbs.

Side Effects

Side Effects - Jennifer M. Barry Side Effects, by Jennifer M. Barry is a book that opens your mind to the troubles that people around you may be facing everyday, troubles of a kind you perhaps have no idea. It is about the impact one single person can have on the life of another human being, whether they are struggling or not. Isaac has an anxiety disorder, which could be described as a severe and painful 'limp of the soul'. Grace knows how to reach him and bring him out of his pain. In doing so she also brings herself into the sun. Even their friend David evolves into a braver and more colorful person through the friendship with Isaac. This is about how people can do so much to change life to the better for a fellow human being, just by being there.This book touched me. High school is already a terrible thing to have to live through, but just imagine living it with anxiety attacks so severe you pass out? Or medication to treat the problem that only increases the problem tenfold? We all need to read this book, and save a little love for the people around us, however they may appear, confident, sad, happy, anxious, scared, angry. So much can be done if you just Stand up for your friends. And Stand up for the ones that have no voice in society. They might become your friends. Scary thought, isn't it. Do I need to say I loved this?