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To Tame a Highland Warrior (The Highlander Series, Book 2)

To Tame A Highland Warrior - Karen Marie Moning This second book in the Highland series got off to a rocky start with me. I am glad to say that it recuperated speed, intrigue and panache in the last 150 pages, and thusly finishes off with three solid stars. The period feeling is better now, the 1500's feel right (with the occasional potato still thrown in for good measure, argh) and the women and men act the way I expect them to act. This could also be because the heroine in this one is not a time traveller, but a noble lass from the Scottish lowlands. I am leaping to the next book and it was really touch and go (as in drop the whole series) here, but the action spoke up and made me want to stick with it.I'm not sure Ms Moning intended me to cackle like a crazed crone with her "A lass has to do what a lass has to do" but that was the result. I don't know if I loved it or if I think it was so corny I have to look over my shoulder to make sure NOBODY sees me reading this. I liked the ending of chapter 22, and the start of 23, as in:"Jillian sighed. God forgive her, but she still believed.He would come."Chapter 23He didn't come.That caught my attention, all right. Let's see what goodness the next book brings.****Reading from a borrowed copy.