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I am vociferously passionate about good books. And I hate adverbs.

Shadowfever (Fever Series #5)

Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning This series of five books has been a total blast. Although I had problems with the protagonist Mac in the beginning (whiny, self-centered baby-girl) she really grew during the development of both plot and world.The characters were full, deep and well rounded. The action took roads I have never travelled before. The message is one of dedication, strength, stand up for what you believe in, and of love, accepting love, even when it seems impossible. A key phrase in this last installment of the series: "You exist in a place that is beyond all rules for me. Do you understand that?" I do not think there can ever be too much Barrons. Especially not this fast, moving, quicksilver being. Holy hell, but he is sexy. And then he says: "We are translating the Kama Sutra. With interactive aids." The author describes things in words I have never seen put side by side before; she makes new things out of the old. An example: "He poured himself into the brocade wing chair, like water over stone, before settling into sleek muscle." That is just wow. The imagery she uses for painting is just staggering. And it translates also into the carnal moments, where "He f***s with the single-minded devotion of a dying man in search of God."I fell in love with them both, Mac and Barrons, and would love to read more. Apparently there are two more books in the wings, so we'll settle for that, for now. Brilliant read, fabulous creation of world and protagonists. Really good imagery, and smooth usage of words make for a text that you can almost taste on your lips. Most certainly not the last time I read these books. They beg for a re-read.