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Book Review - Blind Faith, by N. R. Walker

Blind Faith (Blind Faith #1) - N.R. Walker

Here I am, still don't know what to write. This story sings within me, it just reverberates and ignites and makes me happy. It takes some favorite subject matters and makes them shiny. A book that makes me grin and grin, and just feel good. 

As usual, N.R. Walker takes a differently abled man and makes him one of us, one like us, one in the crowd, and that is so important. Being blind does not define who you are, it's just a part of you. You need to take certain steps, of course, for your own safety when you are blind, much like a person who has a bad knee will have to go slow down steep stairs. But it doesn't have to DEFINE YOUR LIFE.

That's a good lesson, right there.

Then there is the romance story, woven in beautifully, with characters who are full, rounded, intense and real.

Yes, no doubt about it, this story took me by the hand and RAN. I dare say, I ran with it. Because that is what I do when stories are good, fun and teach you things. As this one did.

N.R. Walker. You did it again. Five solid gold stars. Thank you for all your words. 

Now, please, feed me more. 

I was NOT asked to read this book by anyone, I paid for it with my own money.

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