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ARC Review — In-Decision, by Sue Brown

In-Decision (Left at the Crossroads Book 2) - Sue Brown

I adored the backdrop of a sleepy, British village, which gave me quite a lot of St. Mary Mead-feels (which is a good thing). The village was really a character along with the boys, in many ways.


For me, the story didn’t really take off, however, it just plodded along, doing its little English village trot. Maybe I need to investigate village pubs, and learn more about how that all works.


Suddenly strange break-ins and whatnots disrupted the peaceful travel of the story. Slightly jarring, what was that all about? No explanations, and this gives it away as the middle story in a series, even though I had heard that it would work well as a stand-alone. The thing with a series is that there are often unresolved threads dangling, both from the previous book, and to the next one in line. This one was no exception. I suppose that’s how series work, but I’m not a fan.


This is a well-written story, technically, and I appreciate a well-edited text. This is the first story I read by Sue Brown, but probably not the last. What this book has is very low amounts of angst, and high amounts of cuddling. I totally approve of that.


Cute read for a rainy Sunday afternoon with a cup of good tea and biscuits at hand.





I was given a free copy of this self-published book from the author. A positive review wasn’t promised in return.

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