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Book Review – Gaea’s Chosen: The Mayday Directive, by Cara Michaels

Gaea's Chosen: The Mayday Directive - Cara Michaels

A short first book in a series. Sci-fi and strong woman lead, what’s not to like? Oh, and it’s actually M/F, and it’s been a long while since I read that.


The world building is stellar, and I am amazed at how much you can show in such a short story (some 45 pages).

Here’s from the blurb:


Chosen to lead Gaea's Ark, humanity's first deep space settlement ship, Gemma is awakened from 19K years in stasis to find her mission gone horribly wrong.


And it is just as cool as it sounds.


I have book 2 and 3 lined up, and will be reading them too, soon, when I hear that book 4 is out. I am terrible with Works in progress, and usually stay far away from them until they are finished. But, you see, this time I won the book! So I couldn’t very well not read it, could I?


And now I’m sitting here wanting and screaming for this story to be ready, so I can dive in and read until my eyes bleed.


I am hoping that, at one time in the future, the author will put these books together into a cohesive, single book. Because this chopping up in several installments is not my cup of tea at all.


Great language, great exposition, a very interesting alien world, and a strong, cool woman at the helm.


Yeah, I can safely say I loved this. Please, author, make more words?





I won a free copy of this book from the author, and a positive review wasn't expected. I just can't help myself. 



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