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ARC Review — Cold Feet, by Jay Northcote

Cold Feet - Jay Northcote


Snow? Check.

Holiday spirit? Check.

Cute boys? Check.

Good writing? Check.

Add an amazing woman secondary character, and I’m in love. Brandy and all.


This story is just happiness, just like all the happy novellas this author is so good at writing.


Then, suddenly, there’s too much snow, and an old cottage that is very cold indeed. And we all know how to keep warm in cold climates, right? Yup.


Brandy, friendship, and laughter, and holiday dinners with the neighbor.


Interesting that while the story has all the parts that have been used in romance stories over and over for eons, it still never feels old; no, it feels fresh and new. Amazing storytelling.


So grab a blanket, make yourself a cup of tea and some cookies, and dive into the British sweetness. Watch the snow as it falls heavily in the hills of the Welsh countryside. And watch the boys fall, too, all over each other. 


And enjoy. Just enjoy.




I was given a free ARC copy of this book from the author, and a positive review wasn’t promised in return.

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